We have had a lot of enquiries about laser liposuction treatments and how they can be used; specifically to help male patients looking to lose the dreaded love handles.

To help make this easier to understand, we thought it would be a great idea to help give some background on the treatment and answer some questions about it.


What is laser liposuction?

Traditional liposuction involved a level of intrusive surgery going in to the body and forecfully extracting fat. With laser lipo, a surgeon has a number of avenues to get rid of fat; the majority of these being non-ivasive to the patient.

How does it work?

For most clinics like ourselves in the UK, laser lipo is carried out with a laser pad that is about the size of a travel hairdryer. The front of the device has a pad on it with lasers and sometimes a needle pad. This pad uses laser and heat energy to raise the temperature of a very precise area of the body roughly the size of a 5p coin. With a high concentration, a surgeon can focus on an area of stubborn fat and blast it with this energy.

What does the laser do?

With that energy, fat cells under the skin begin to heat up and break down (think of it like how you might sweat in a sauna). In old liposuction, a big needle would then pull out that fat. But because this is non-invasive, the heat fully breaks down those fat cells and they leave the body naturally a short time after treatment when your body has used up the energy those fat cells have released.

Where can laser lipo used for men?

Commonly we advise on keeping this treatment to the area between your neck and groin as it responds best to the treatment and carries little risk. For men, we know this works best on love handles and any overhang on the stomach that doesn’t shift.